NEXT Model Agency Logo Serif - Please help ID

Sorry guys I couldn't find a good screen shot to post. Please just visit the link to see the awesome serif used for the logo. It's the first thing that comes up on the top right corner.

Any help identifying the typeface would be much appreciated.

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You can see the typeface better at the NextModels website but here's a picture of it too.

I've been looking around for it still but I can only find similar typefaces like Perpetua Tilting or Felix Tilting. They're all close but not as skinny as the serif in the picture.

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It's similar to Narziss by Hubert Jocham.

It's probably a custom design for NEXT though.

- Mike Yanega

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Hey I FINALLY found out what font it is. Apparently it's a custom font by Paris-based M/M. I figured it out when I saw the same font again in French Vogue, they use it for subject heads in their magazine. Seeing as how NEXT uses it also, I'm guessing it's not an exclusive font. But I have no idea if they're licensing it out at their website because it's pretty confusing. If any of you find out let me know.

Thanks for all the help.

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