geometric sans serif display

Anybody know what this is, or know of something similar?


It's not exactly the same, but Avenir is fairly close. The G, R and M are the same shapes, the S is about as closed, and even the Q is not too far off.

I could not find an exact match.

- Mike Yanega

I found similar results. That and Proxima Nova, but the forms remind me of an excercise of de-serifing Copperplate Gothic. I believe with some adjustments, it would get quite close.

That's a good observation Paul. The shapes are similar to CG, except that all the letters would have been compressed from the usual wide shapes, and the middle arm of the E is the same length as the others. Engraver's Gothic and Steelplate Gothic are two examples of these letterforms without serifs.

Looking further, I see that Copperplate Gothic comes in an assortment of widths and weights, so it could have been a reasonable starting point, as you suggested.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks guys