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BAT - Bureau des Affaires Typographiques

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BAT - Bureau des Affaires Typographiques


I have not seen the info here yet, so I just wanted to let you know that a new French foundry launched last week (I am not related to the foundry - I just rather like the concept and the fonts): the Bureau des Affaires Typographiques. You can find all info in English here:


IMVHO I think Acier (a revival of Cassandre's type by Jean-Baptiste Levée) will be of interest to many of you since I have seen it (or a closely related character) used in a number of vintage London Underground font.

Francesco by Franck Jalleau is also available in digital format for the first time I think. This is a fantastic character in extended latin, and will probably find an audience fairly soon. Very few of Franck Jalleau's creations are available so this is certainly great news!

Let me also mention that www.typographies.fr is another multi-designer foundry from France, which has just won two awards from the TDC in 2009 & 2010.