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Tapanapantera and Dogull, what is done in one month

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Tapanapantera and Dogull, what is done in one month

A month ago, mainly as personal experience, i started these two families: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/795795/typography/tapanapantera.html and https://dl.dropbox.com/u/795795/typography/dogull.html

(they are temporarily there while http://nitrofurano.linuxkafe.com/typography/tapanapantera.html and http://nitrofurano.linuxkafe.com/typography/dogull.html are offline for a while for technical reasons)

The first were based on an academic work i did 10 years ago (an analysis on how can work together the roman square captials (lapidaria) with carolingian calligraphic lowercases, in a geometric sans-serif typeface ), and the other were a research and analysis desconstruction (not a ripoff) of how better readable can be a typeface based on Gustav Jaeger's Catull in a sans-serif drawing.

Please note i wanted to deserve the same importance to smallcaps as to italics, and the italics being not slanted are intentional, since the first italic typefaces from Aldus Manutius and Lodovico Arrighi were not that slanted as well, and i wanted to assume them unslanted at all.

Of course both typeface sketches are hugelly plenty of naive mistakes, but i'd ask you all here for your oppinions, suggestions, comments, ideas, references, etc., and the bluntest comments are even more welcome! :)

And if both of these families are a complete disaster, please help me knowing which useful parts of them would be great to utilize and improve in future works.