Hello !

I think fonts softwares offer a great opportunity to produce "more" than types for the client. The project below, Brouniak, is the third for which i used FontLab to create symbols the client can use in classical office softwares to get : vectorial logotype, vectorial backgrounds, vectorial pictograms, etc.

For Brouniak, i've created a special font, with the logotype instead of letters and dots instead of numbers : the client can use a vectorial logotype on documents he creates under OpenOffice, and the clock of his computer generate dotted random backgrounds (i've used the "insert date/hours" function to do that).

You can read (in french) the full project here :

1. Logotype and font:

2. Random covers for booklet:

3. Random letterheads :

4. Website :


Amazing, just amazing! As Graphic Designer and Webdesigner I loved the idea! Good one!

That's an inspired thing to do! Very cool. :)


Thank you all.