Andre Simard is proud to announce the released of the Harfang family

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May 4, 2010
I'm proud to announce the released of Harfang, my most recent typeface family. This second typeface — ITC Migration Sans was the first one —, was created with the invaluable advice of Xavier Dupré, Chris Lozos and of course Rod Cavazos (PSY/OPS Type Foundry).

My goal for Harfang was to create a serif typeface that would be easy to read at text sizes, while having a strong personality at larger sizes. The initial design had a purely rounded style, but with each development pass I introduced some angularity. The final result is a typeface that is easy to read in long texts, advertising copy, annual reports and the like; but one that also provides a crisp and stylish appeal in more prominent display settings. I chose the name Harfang (Harfang des neiges — Snowy Owl or Great White Owl) because after my first typeface, Migration, I wanted something with a thematic relation. On a more personal level, Harfang is the avian emblem of Québec and recalls the long winters and the breathtaking white landscapes of the place I call home, Abitibi.

Finally, many thanks to my wife Constance and my daughter Jade. —André Simard
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For those who want to see more

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BRAVO, André!!! May Harfang fly for you!

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Thanks Mr. Dezcom! I hope it will fly for long time too :^)

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Congratulations, André! That looks great overall. I love the hairlines.

I'd like to point out, however, that Québec is not a country, no matter how much the PQ wants sovereignty.

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Hedera > I'd like to point out, however, that Québec is not a country, no matter how much the PQ wants sovereignty.

— LOL — I should have put the word “country” in quotation marks.

Thanks for your comment on the Harfang.

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I finally found out how to create a link to a pdf file :^)

So, For those who want to see more

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To me, the roman /f/ is particularly nice.

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Craig: Thanks for your comments.

Several people have made this comment too. I am happy about that.

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I love the numbers, especially Oldstyle.

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Dina: Thanks for your comment. The design of these gave me much pleasure.

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I like this. Well done.
P.S. Snowy owl in Finnish is Lapinpöllö (Lappland owl).

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What a fine concept. Bravo!

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>Tomi: Thanks! Lapinpöllö? — a very pretty bird too!
>Danny: Thanks you for your kind remark!

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I love PSY/OPS, and this is great!!!

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Thanks you Froylan.
I agree, PSY/OPS is a very good foundry and Rod is a really passionate person.

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This is excellent! And a steal at $160. You've built great depth and character into these characters :)

Instant add to my wish list.


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Thanks Penn.

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Great job! Congratulations.

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Thanks Mr. Freiberger!

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For those who could be interested, MyFonts choose Harfang as “Text family of the month

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Harfang is also available at Fontshop for those interested.

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Bravo, André!

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Update released: Harfang Pro Version 2.0. The new edition includes Central European support and even better hinting.
— A bit late, but better than ever ;-)

Feel free to send me sample of works where you used Harfang. Thanks

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