Can anyone offer some advice on page layout & typography for an Indesign project I'm working on...

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I have a new project that is working with about 60 pages filled with type, can anyone offer any advice?

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Bit more info would be useful; what's it about, what style has it to be set in, who's the publication aimed at?

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It's aimed at young adults & Parents. It's a drug abuse packet.

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First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, not mine.

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thanks for the informative reply!

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We need some additional information before could give you any advice. Page size? Just text or it will mix graphics? It's a technical, objective style of text? Colors? Kind of print? Type size limitations? InDesign version?

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Uh. done those a lot. Make sure you set the style sheets, you will be so thankful when you need to change up a typeface or font size.

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How experienced are you with InDesign? Do you know how to create master pages, paragraph style sheets, character style sheets, etc?

Does your client have any style guidelines you need to follow?

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Thanks for the replies. I ended up taking a look at a few well written articles & tutorials that have summed up everything I had in doubt. Thanks anyways everyone.

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Best advice for anything with many images is to batch them in Photoshop to 72dpi to use as placeholders for the real images, better for me than the coarse display options. If you use the same names for the files you can just replace the packaged image folder with the high resolution folder when layout is complete and the links won't break. Perhaps the latest InDesign copes well anyway, on my laptop it makes a big difference.

Style sheets, master pages and baseline grids to keep everything easy.

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