(x) Is this The Foundry's Politie? - Politie by Sulki & Min {Michel B}

Hi guys...
I got a mail from a friend asking about this font. Information about the font and where to get it. He did even contact the designer, and was told that it's name is Politie and supposedly designed by The Foundry. But it's no where to be found.

Does anyone now this font? The name and or where to get it?


Haven't seen that one. Did you contact The Foundry?

Don’t know this one either. It’s close to Foundry Gridnik, maybe it’s customized.

@Stephen Coles. No i havn't, not yet anyways. But i might. I just wanted to check up with you guys, before i decide to do anything. Seems like the next logical step.

That font looks very much like Sulki & Min Politie about which they say:

Typeface, self-published, 2002. Politie is a monospace adaptation of the typeface Wim Crouwel designed in the 1960s for the typewriter manufacturer Olivetti, which was released after decades as digital fonts by the Foundry in London (Foundry Gridnik). Although neither the original nor the Foundry’s interpretation was designed as a fixed-width typeface, its rigid, modular letterform seemed apt for a monospace adaptation.

The font Foundry Gridnik looks different though (and Sulki & Min write that Politie was never released commercially)