Two new type families from Klim Type Foundry

I'd like to draw your attention to my new releases, Tiempos Text, Tiempos Headline and Founders Grotesk. For the first time I've written fairly comprehensive design information, and the new PDF specimens are by my good friend Duncan Forbes from The International Office.

Best regards, Kris.

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Kris, do you do anything but draw letters, work out, and sleep?

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I love all of them, congrats!

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Wow, those were worth checking out! Beautiful!

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I don't think Founders Grotesk is too different in sentiment than National, but it is more "authentic".
I particularly like the way you've stuck with certain idiosyncrasies of the style, such as the small aperture of C, the big lean of the italic, and the roundness of S in the Bold Italic, without attempting to make "improvements"! Those are things I've always admired in 19th century grots, for their unusual quality.

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I don't think Founders Grotesk is too different in sentiment than National, but it is more "authentic".

Why does the term “authentic” seem to be the preferred description for grots that get back the the pre-twentieth century? If these types were really authentic they would come with optical sizes, no small caps, limited punctuation, and a few completely botched letters in every font. I don’t think that getting at the roots of the genre is really so much about authenticity as it is about getting away from the twentieth century tendency to iron out every last quirk and take harmony within families to extremes.

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That's partly what I meant, and why I put "authentic" in quote marks.

But it's a question, really, of anachronism.
For instance, while National is strongly informed by the 19th century grotesque genre, it contains elements, such as ascenders that protrude above cap height, and "l" with tail, which one would not find in a 19th century sans. However, IMO (and without studying every glyph in great detail), Founders Grotesk is a revival with nothing "out of time".

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Very handsome work Kris, congratulations!

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