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The WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest

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The WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest

The WinSoft International marketing team would like to share the news of the winners in the WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest, which were announced at the Adobe Beach Bash May 8 in Dubai.

The WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest invited contestants to illustrate, in text, their vision of a world where a dialogue between cultures is both natural and enriching. The theme of the contest was collaboration and communication, inline with UNESCO’s theme for 2010, the Rapprochement Between Cultures. Contestants needed to use InDesign ME, Tasmeem and at least one Tasmeem font to create their design, and the designs needed to respect the theme of the contest. We were delighted to see the wide diversity of styles in the more than 70 designs submitted.

The Winners...

First place was awarded to Dareen and Habib Khoury for their work "World Cultures Interaction". They described the design as "The word Rapprochement in 27 different languages ... With image of several hands in a circular movement that symbolizes the interaction between world cultures and nations which also depicts the desire to live peaceful coexistence. The texts over elaborate the truth behind a mutual respect for human dignity and the protection of morals, as an entrance to the dialogue and interaction between civilizations."

Second place was awarded to Farhan Naseer for his piece titled "Love for All, Hatred for None", described as using "a Sakun/Jazm as a symbol to represent coming together, as this is what this symbol does in writing, it joins letters."

Third place was awarded to Samar Maakaron for her design "The Corniche Series 02". She said about her work: "In this poster, I attempt to explain the Arabic expressions (...), the contexts in which they reside, and how they nuance the basis differences between East and West."

You may see all ten winning designs at www.winsoft-international.com/contest.

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Thanks John for posting.