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(x) Regular gothic/grotesque sans all caps - Wearetrippin Display {Carlos S}

This is bound to be real easy for a lot of you, but I'm out of my league with sans in all caps… will you help me, please? =)

Found on Tumblr.

Thank you! =)


Yeah, I thought of that, but that's not it because of the spurred G. I've been through some of these more usual ones and got nothing… mainly because of G, M and S.

Even if the /G/ doesn't match either, Alternate Gothic No2 comes closer to me.

hmm. horrible name, but seems to match; http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/t26/wearetrippin/display/

That seems to be about right, carlooto! Many thanks. =)
I was thinking it'd be something common, but I guess I was wrong.
Thanks to oller, Ryuk and Chris Keegan too.