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I was asked to design a logo for the 'OPC'.
Couple of things I took in account, it should have an official look to it,
use of blue and red (nba-nfl...), the short for 'open poker championship' should
be well readable (easy reference for people;'yeah I'm attending the OPC')
and there should be a direct link to poker in the main visual.

I created the following logo's but I feel there could be some improvement (mainly on the visual consistency-coherence and used type),

It would be nice if you guys could share some thoughts !

Thanks in advance,


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I don't really get the immediate connection to poker on that logo, but I guess I could understand it a little maybe. It looks like the rounded shapes were put into perspective, and then the little pointy bits were added... they don't seem like they're in perspective with the logo. Maybe work on tweaking that so they seem to fall back into space as well. The descender on the /p/ is a bit short, and the angles on the terminals of the /c/ don't seem to be the same, so the /c/ looks like it's tipping (the two points for each terminal don't line up to its vertical counterpoint, either). The subtitles also stick off the logotype a bit too far... shorten that up a bit so it fits perfectly within the width of the "opc."

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The 'p' suffers in that particular typeface.

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Agree with aluminium.
What about an uppercase OPC?
If I am not wrong, the logo is a diamond, which is cool but I will go for a more recognisable spade..

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Agreed with Luca. The diamond doesn't immediately communicated, especially in its current location. A spade or clover would be better.

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Hm. I was going to say why not to try and change the mark into two (French-style) doors, swinging half-open symmetrically, but then it would probably look like a loo entry in those stylized country restaurants with the heavy use of wood and carpentry work... may still be worth a shot though...

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The card is displayed as if it were a door. I see the connection, but try laying it flat on the table. Suddenly it's moving towards you and inviting you in. Perhaps add a couple more cards and now we have a 3-d world to "look into," which might suggest openness the way youre attempting.

Also, the spacing of "OPC" is soooo open that it looses its punch.

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