Rally Symbols 2D (NEW) font family

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Rally Symbols 2D (NEW) font family

May I bring to your attention specialized motor racing fonts.
With them the design of your diagrams, documentation schemes and roadbooks will stand out and look more attractive. The set includes three fonts, one comes free.
Buy it at MyFonts.com http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/2d-typo/rally-symbols-2d/

Detail describtion:
The Rally Symbols 2D font family has been developed for integrated graphical motor racing design.
First of all that includes rally, rally raid, cross-coutry rally and hillclimb.
With the Rally Symbols 2D - Signs font one can create quality road maps with rally routes and various symbol books. The font also
includes symbols that can serve as workpieces to create competition logos and other design solutions.
The Rally Symbols 2D - Arrow font has been specially developed for building tulip diagram roadbooks.
It includes various ready-made combination of traffic direction indicators and individual elements that can be combined together.
The Rally Symbols 2D - Picto font can be used for the same purposes but also contains a range of convention that can help to find one's
bearings on the ground.
This is a a wide range of icons or pictograms of various scenery, for example: different buildings, churches, cemetery, bridges, tunnels,
different types of trees, posts, etc.

The fonts are unique of its kind and are periodically updated with custom request material.
New updates are available free of charge to previous version purchasers.

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The signage of your 2nd image – does it follow some kind of convention? Is there some background information available on this?
(Obviously, I’m not a motor racing man… ;-)

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«Standart rally signs» determines the FIA. http://fia.com

Some icons are free to interpret.
They are not official signs.