Help Please! How do I avoid text reflow in edited font?

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Help Please! How do I avoid text reflow in edited font?

I posted this a couple days ago in General Discussions and had no reply, and have still not been able to resolve the problem. Please help! Thank you! (Sorry to duplicate here, but I figure the tech experts are more likely to see it.)

Using TypeTool 2 on a Mac to edit a Type 1 font. Replacing circumflexes with macrons and that’s all. But when I regenerate the font, I get reflow problems in the original InDesign CS doc.

I am not touching metrics, and the reflow affects even portions of text that do not use any edited characters. The numerical metrics settings on the original and edited fonts are the same as far as I can tell. Does anyone have an idea as to what causes this and how I can make it not happen?

I used to do this all the time in Fontographer (much more complicated to use) and had other problems but not reflow. Thanks for any suggestions — hope they come in soon!

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Just a thought. If you, for example, opened printer font file but not suitcase file with TypeTool you could loose metrics and kerning information.
Nobody can tell you the real cause of the problem without looking at the source and the output fonts.