In search of lo-fi sans

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I am in search for sans with lo-fi almost handwritten, linocut etc. qualities. I am currently redesigning The Communist Manifesto for my final book design class.

Appreciate any help.


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Radical chic poseur!
Using a fake hand-drawn font hardly seems in the spirit of the thing.
Why not step outside your soft bourgeois existence and do some real work with the crude tools of the proletariat?

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A true communist would use a red Karl-ored Marx-er. Groan :-)

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right on comrade nick!

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Whatever you're going to do, keep in mind that designing a version of the Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848) in the style of the French May (1968) is something that bears at least two different strong cultural references.
It would be like designing, for example, a Seventies version of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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@Nick: Probably will try that. Great post, made me smile :D
@riccard0: I made classic, 19 century oriented book, but my mentor ditched it and put me in this direction. I am not going just after French May, I am going for lo-fi communist or any kind of protest, propaganda or other kind material.

Other input needed for this book is that this class is called Graphic Technology, so accent is on "alternative" and "creative" ways of final production(emphasis is on production): bindings, papers, colors, formats, print and so on.

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Nick, your comment made me laugh.

It also made me wonder how a 30-year-old Karl Marx would publish his manifesto today. Release it in single chapters as part of his blog, with notices of updates posted on Facebook? Self-publish it on Promote it with a (hopefully) viral YouTube video, links to which would be retweeted by his sympathizers?

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made me wonder how a 30-year-old Karl Marx would publish his manifesto today

But, more importantly, would he put it up for critique on Typophile? ;-)

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