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(x) Gill Sans Hairline versions? - various alternatives {gang}

Hey all,

I've seen this somewhere here before, but I don't think it resolved. Anyone know if a hairline version of Gill Sans has ever been digitized?

There's a poster that Deitch Project did a few years ago to promote a show called "The Studio of the Street" which had a photo of Jean Michel Basquiat. (See it here.) It featured a beautiful sans that appeared to indeed be Gill Sans Hairline, but I've found no digitized version of this anywhere.

Anybody know of such a thing?

Thanks all...!


I don’t think I’ve seen a light weight of Gill Sans, but if you’re looking for something similar P22 Underground Pro has an extremely thin weight.

Verlag is closest that I can think of. It is quite close, but there are some noticeable minor differences.

Verlag, much as I love it (H&FJ just do beautiful things, what can I say?), is definitely a different beast. The bones are there, but clothes are most certainly of another personality. I had forgotten all about that Underground Pro release and it's absolutely fantastic work. What gives me pause with Underground is its lack of Itals. but a good call nonetheless. Thanks!

Other options: Agenda and Today Sans.

Frode - there is indeed a Gill Sans Light, just not as light as Erik would like.

Bliss has an extra light, both regular and italic.

Another option:
Mundo Sans has an extra light weight. http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/mundo-sans/

and wouldn't you know I just came across a hairline drawing of Gill just today and was reminded of this post. James Montalbano's Skinny Eric, a custom-drawn "painfully thin" (!) cut of Gill for SELF. It may be painful, but it sure is pretty....In the end, though, I did end up buying Underground, and I've been quite pleased with its result in the project. Thanks all for all the great ideas!

Maybe Interpolate and create yours? and then fix as neccesary