More Logos!

Hey, it's me again with some more fonts in logos. any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

"domain street" is very similar to times new roman, but i think it's something else because of the capital R and lowercase a

"mills" i'm pretty sure the all caps font is times as well, but i don't know what mills is.

Thanks again for helping!


Oh no, you again!

"domain street" is very similar to times new roman
Not really. It’s Perpetua.

:) thanks, Jan. We all gotta learn somehow.

William, there are a couple of things that you should do in the future to make helping you easier: please don't post multiple requests in the same thread; and please use a .gif or .jpg image, instead of a pdf. The best thing would be if you could actually get the image to post directly, so we can see it on the top of the thread.

Also, if you can tell us anything about the origin and age of the sample, that can be helpful too.

Your MILLS sample is hard to trust as to its accuracy, the image quality seems poor. It's hard to be sure (to me) that the caps letters are Times, because the serifs are sort of blurred. I would guess that 'mills' could be one of the Century types, since they have flat serifs.

- Mike Yanega