How do I install or make that the non-standardised fonts work in my blog Blogger?

Please, I need your help! It's urgent!

In my blog, I changed the blog title font "Verdana" to "Titillium". I'm spekaing of the code "font-face". Many fonts as those, in the Fonts folder in my own computer. Did you understand? I also changed the text font and text title to the fonts that don't exist: Titillium, Calibri, Segoe Print, Segoe Script, Lucida Sans Unicode, etc.. On my computer, the fonts exist. But when I went to cyber café or "LAN house", to see my blog, the fonts of the blog title, text and title text, etc. did not work, because the other computers those fonts din't exist or appear exactly, or those fonts were not installed in the Fonts folder of the other computers. At the blog, accept, recognise and there are only six fonts, including Comic Sans MS, which already existed and was installed on all computers. So how do I install the fonts in my own blog for that the fonts work on all computers that do not have those fonts? Then @font-face doesn't work!

I know you counsel me not to use those fonts, but only the standardised fonts by the Blogger. But see the text at the site of FontsQuirrel, the fonts there work perfectly althought I don't have these fonts, but I know what the font are these!

Do I mean @web-font? Does it work perfectly?


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css's 'font-family' specifies fonts on the local computer.

css's '@font-face' is how you can reference fonts located on a server that then are loaded into the browser for that page. For that to work you have to either create web formats of the fonts and put them on your web server, or use one of the hosted options such as FontSquirrel, Kernest, Typekit, etc.

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aluminum, and and about the @font-face kit? Does it work perfectly?

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Where's anyone?

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kevin - try this tutorial on using Kernest with Blogger Kernest's UI has updated since it was originally written, but the concepts still hold.

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Garrick, sorry, I'm really very confused, I have just sent an e-mail to you.

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Garrick, don't need to answers me, I got it!

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I advice you that font-family has some problems. Only css3 is being prepared to accept non-standard fonts.
I think that you should go with a strategy like Titillium, Verdana , like this, everyone that has Titillium will see with Titillium and whoever doesnt have it will be able to see with verdana and maybe, when css3 gets compatibility on all browsers you may try to use a non-standard typeface

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Did it all work out okay? Let's have a look at your blog.

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It worked and works perfectly, @typodermic :-)

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Whoa! Your name is almost Typophile.

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Theophile isn't Tyophile :-)

Theophile means "God's friend" and Typophile means "type love". They are different names. :-)

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It did play a trick with my eyes the first few times I read it. Thanks for clarifying.

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