CYCLONE FONT (please help)

Does anybody know if "Cyclone" font is available to freelance designers, quite costly to purchase considering the exchange rate between the dollar and rand here in Cape Town South Africa. Would appreciate any assistance to this regard!!!


If I understand your inquiry correctly, you are asking if there is some way to get the Cyclone family without paying for it? Or am I misunderstanding?

Well, in a nutshell, yes you hit the nail on the head.

There are doubtless ways you can get it illegally, but short of that, I don't know of anything. It's a retail, commercial font. You can always try contacting the vendor (Hoefler & Frere-Jones, contact info above) and see if they can do anything for you. Of course, a large portion of their clientele is freelance designers, so I don't immediately see why they would discount it for you.



Just ask them . . . they might say yes.

thanks so much guys, I suppose nothing ventured nothing gained........i can only but try!