(x) Standard Bank Sans Serif Logo Font - StandardBank (custom) {Marc O}

I need the name of this font. I don't know if it is custom designed, I suspect it is not.


I downloaded their annual report* and looked at the embedded fonts. This is a custom face called (surprise!) StandardBank.

*available here: http://www.standardbank.co.za/site/investor/fina_repo_index01.html

Thank you very much!!!

For a replacement, you could try Mayberry.

Ohh! Good.
I guess now it is a modified version of Mayberry.
Good tip you gave me: to look for a pdf document, and check the embedded fonts. :D

Thank you all

I don't think Florian was suggesting that StandardBank was a modified version of Mayberry, only that they were similar.

Glad I could pass along a useful tip. Happy hunting!

Yes, exactly. Thanks Marc!