Are Greeting Cards Dead?

Along with technology, the tradition for store-bought notes of sentiment are ever changing, read all about it on Mohawk Fine Paper's Felt & Wire news blog

(And, you can purchase this amazing, hand engraved "Thank You" card here:


Forgive my brief rant: is possibly the least usable website I've ever visited. Their news blog is surprisingly less frustrating—how nice!

Hi Gillo,

I'm going to pass on your comment to the folks over there, I am sure they want to know.

Hi Gillo,
Mohawk here. Thanks for the comment. Lots of reasons for the current Mohawk site but let's just say it's overdue for a re-do. Would love to hear any specific feedback you have. You can e-mail me at

Hi Gillo,
i have visited you home page. but i unfortunately i can't find any graphics element. can you please tell me how can i find it? i am looking for wholesale greeting card designs. hope you will response me. i am waiting for your kind reply.