(x) NEWMAN logo (Raymond Loewy), typeface? / ambigram - custom, various suggestions {gang}


Recently I was approached by an artist to draw a custom lettering based on the NEWMAN logo for an installation.

I decided to check if someone drew a typeface based on the original logo design from Mr. Loewy but couldn't find any reference.
If someone could help me locate a similar looking typeface, I'd appreciate, thanks.

Best, M


Since the logotype is an ambigram, it's doubtful that anyone developed a full alphabet based on the same premise.

Mark Simonson's Changeling has similar 'M' and 'W' shapes as alternates, but isn't quite the same.

I'd check the techno section of dafont. There might be something similar there.

- Lex

Just go ahead and draw it. Looks easy.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. If this lettering project happens, I'll probably draw it myself.