Pairing FF Fago with Akkurat

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Have managed to persuade a client to reduce their corporate typeface from the awkward Fago range down to just using FagoExBold as a headline, and pairing this with Akkurat.

This works well to contrast the Character of the Fago headline font with a precise sans. Problem is Akkurat is too condensed for the aging design director as body copy, and does not read as comfortably as a text font. I have tried a -25 kerning and this seems to help.

But he is adamant the new Founders Grotesk is a better pairing for Fago! To me they seem to both have too much character to be seen together, and the clean nature of the Akkurat is a great contrast.

Any thoughts on how to make Akkurat work as body copy better? Or on the pairing choice?

Also, Why is Fago such an unkerned beast. It seems like we have to go through set copy more often thatn most fonts just to get it looking half decent.

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Pairing FF Fago and Akkurat, and using the first for display and the latter for text, doesn’t make much sense to me. If anything, you should do it the other way around. Fago is a humanist with open counters spaced and designed for text while Akkuratshines at large sizes.

Anyway, the usual approach to pairing is finding fonts that contrasts. Your two choices look so similar that the pair might end up looking more like a mistake than a delibirate decision.

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I did notice some wierd spacing in Fago on Myfonts, btw.

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