How do I edit glyphs out of a font?

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I remember reading somewhere on the web that its possible to edit a webfont (@font-face) and take out glyphs you dont need to make the font files smaller.

The font I am going to do this with has a @font-face kit on
so its an open source font

I've searched google on this, but cant find the post I remember reading on it. Once I edit the font I need to regenerate all the version of the file again which means the .ttf, .woff, .eot, .svg, .js (cufon)

Anyone know what program to do this with or what website would help regenerate all those files?


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You can cut them out with FontLab. I don't really see the point. Unless you're using tons of @font-faces, the file sizes really aren't all that large. And unless you're taking out a lots of glyphs, it won't really affect it.

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I would first try @FontFace Generator, select "expert", and then "custom subsetting", just to see if it works.

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Thanks, the generator works good. :)

I was able to save on filesize because I only needed 10 letters out of that font.

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Oh haha, well in that case it could help I guess. I forgot about Fontsquirrel's subsetting, it's pretty helpful.

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Funny thing is that some of the DejaVu fonts crash the subsetter. Have not figured why...

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