(x) ID this serif - modified ITC Berkeley {Lex, Florian}

What is this?


I had hoped that the open 'e' would be a good clue, but it may be that the opening is a customization. It seems that the 'f' serif should be a good earmark, but I don't recognize it offhand.

Are there any other letters? If this is a logo, all bets are off.

- Mike Yanega

I have a feeling this started as one of Goudy's typefaces. Take a look at Californian, Deepdene, and Village in the above link.

- Lex

I think you're right, O Lex-o-saur, although the 'r' doesn't look very close on any of those. The 'f' is definitely Goudy-esque. It would seem to me that this was 'inspired' by Goudy's lettering, but is probably custom work.

- Mike Yanega

Yes, I’d say it’s a slightly customized ITC Berkeley.

Thank you all.
I think Berkeley Std-Book is the winner :-)