Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't

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Joined: 2 Mar 2003 - 1:27pm
Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't

I have an OT font with TT outlines, created in FontLab and processed with VOLT to add the OT features. VOLT compiles fine and the font installs without complaint in Vista. Screen appearance is fine. We'll call this font X. When I print a document to my LaserJet 4P, all is well; when I print to my HP OfficeJet Pro, the font does not print at all. On a page with text in various fonts, everything prints fine except the portion in Font X; if the document is completely set in Font X, the entire page is blank. Yet Font X embeds properly in PDFs, and the PDF prints on the OfficeJet as well as displaying properly on screen. I should mention perhaps that the font supports Hebrew as well as Latin and Greek (but the problem occurs with all three scripts).

Does anybody have a clue what might be causing this??

Thanks - David

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Do you have any composites that are scaled or inverted/reversed instances of other glyphs?
Do you have any composites that have overlaps?
Are all paths orientated in the correct direction?

Use MS FontValidator on TT fonts to verify that there are no fatal errors.