A new letterpress association is born

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A new letterpress association is born

Zone Opaque is its name, and http://www.zone-opaque.org is its website.
Founded by young letterpress printers, typedesigners and woodcutters, Zone Opaque established itself in Montreuil, near Paris, France. Our aim is to promote letterpress printing through a non-commercial use. We create, co-edit & publish artists books, posters, typefaces, illustrations and so on, with quality as goal, using traditionnal, experimental and digital printing techniques.
For people hanging around France during october 16th & 17th, we would gladly welcome you in our workshop as part of the “Montreuil’s Artists workshops open doors day” (If my english is correct). Address on the site.
The website is still in French (sorry Folks), but any further question is welcomed at info@zone-opaque.org

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I have a group site on contemporary letterpress that you might be interested in at