"Underground" Broadway-like font

I know some folks who are trying to make an electronic copy of a decades-old publication,
and wants to duplicate it as closely as possible.

The title is reproduced below. I’m not holding my breath, but any line on an electronic version for this?



Darren, haven’t seen an exact match,
but you might attempt to contact….

(Nick Curtis)

(Leslie Cabarga)

(Stuart Sandler)

the original is Grock.( But "somebody" changed the "N", "R"). and also Roco...

I doubt it. The title of the thing was the “Underground Enigma”. And, of course, the original source is lost to the ages. I can check, though.

According to Luc Devroye (under Dover Press), Dan X. Solo’s 24 Art Deco Display Fonts includes Grock.

Do you suppose that’s the one David?

probably. (i don't have "24 art deco display fonts " - the book is with cd?). Darren said that he's going to check......

I checked. I don’t have an S to give you. The graphic shows all the letters that were in the original. I did find out the letters were rub-off transfers.

In the end, I just made a font for these seven letters and passed that along. Thanks, though. :-)

Yes, I know that it’s days too late… but while perusing the P22 site for another project, I encountered this quite similar face:
…although too late for this job, maybe helpful for some other occasion.