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(x) font impossible to id - Smudger {Andreas H}

I have to redo a logo in illustrator that only exists in tiff format. Does anyone know what type is this? I can't find any similar font. Not even close. If anyone can help me I'd be really grateful.

Thanks a lot!!



A distorted Smudger LET.


Gosh! how on earth could you find it?
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!

Just looked at my brush fonts :-)

You can either enter a category like brush as a search keyword at myfonts.com or look at the themes at dafont.com if the font you search is possibly a freebie.

Actually I had an inkling it was one of the Letraset brush classics, that helped a lot.


I've finally been able to contact with the previous designer working in the company and he's supplied the previously mentioned font but I can't open it or install it. It's in .as format... any clue of who to convert it to otf or something usable?

Thanks a lot!!!!

PD: I got so much to learn from the pros here ;)

I've found it here:

[link removed by moderator, see comment below]

Thanks a lot anyway!!


Do not post links to pirated fonts on Typophile. Thank you!

LET Smudger is a commercial font. You need to hold a license in order to use it.
Other designers may be able to provide you with fonts, but they can’t grant you the right to use them. And they most likely violate the EULA by passing on the fonts.

Andreas (Fontgrube) posted a link to one of the distributors where you can purchase a license (and get the necessary font files).
Read about the value of type.


I didn't know about all of that at all. Thank you for your advice Florian! I've put myself up to date.