(x) National Geographic sans on the cover - H&FJ Knockout {Jan}

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WhatTheFont didn't help, neither did Identifont. I searched Typophile through Google, but I didn't find this (well, not immediately, anyway…). I did find out that they like using proprietary typefaces (other than Times and Minion, from what I found). Is this another case of a proprietary typeface at use? Here's another sample and yet another one.

Thank you in advance!

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Knockout from H&FJ.

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Once again I didn't remember to check THAT website… they really should sell their fonts through MyFonts or FontShop too. Or at least put samples up on Identifont… :P I guess it's all in the name of business.
Maybe I should just memorize all their typefaces to cover that. :P

Thank you kindly, Jan. :)

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