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I’m tantalizingly close to having figured this out, but now I’m stuck.


This looks like Hudson (Solo) from Mike Y’s script font guide. However, I can’t find an electronic version. I’m certain it’s available electronically, since the sample came from a banner ad. I’ve also seen it several other times in print and on the web. It must have another name. What is it?



Arggh, internal server error. Let’s try that again.

script sample

The only digital version of Hudson that I’m aware of is the old Brendel Informatik font, which I believe is what is being sold now under the Quick Brown Fox Serials Collection label.

Hudson is included on the FontSite 500 CD. More info at:

Indeed, Joseph. I was at work when I posted the above, but I find, now that I’m home, that I listed the wrong derivation of the font.

I got my copy via that very Fontsite CD and the copyright is Softmaker, a German company which has occasionally released fonts together with Brendel Informatik in the past

Thanks guys, it looks like these are useful sources for Hudson and other fonts. It seems that Hudson is enjoying a resurgence in popularity; I saw it on some packaging in an office supply store yesterday.