(x) font used on public sign. Not Faricy, Gotham or Futura - various pointers {gang}

What font is this? http://twitpic.com/1rpn6y - I love the perfect 'O'. Closest I could find was Faricy(?). Not Gotham or Futura. my best guess now is a classic grotesk, but the G is throwing me.


The variance in widths doesn't say "classic grotesk." It's somewhat close to Gill Sans Light, though the R-leg, for one detail, is different.

Any idea how old the sign is? I'm guessing this is pre-digial. Something similar to this came up a few months ago, and we couldn't find an exact match.

Alternative: Nobel from Font Bureau

Thank you. I know the land for the park was acquired in 1941 as a federal work relief program. The park board built a multi-purpose recreation center where this sign is hanging in 1969.

Hi Osmond,

While similar it's not 100% the same but check out this thread which I've updated with a work in progress . . .



Thank you Stuart!

I've wondered about the genesis of those P.O. letters too. I love them.

Whoever fashioned these metal letters was probably inspired by Sol Hess. Most of the letters follow the basic pattern of Twentieth Century, and the anomalous G takes its cues from Twentieth Century Poster. I can't find a ready reference for the release dates of these typefaces. but Hess died in 1953 at age 67.