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so here we are now.
this is my first whole semi-serious typeface.
hope you like it. hope you detest it.
hope you have a lot of comment.
see ya! MvM


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Martin, please post a PDF so we can blow it up, shrink it down, and otherwise put it through its paces.

The euro sign looks quite drunk, though ;)

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soma.pdf (152.7 k)

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i feel there is some sort of 'hurry up and slow down' effect happening in some of these letters. almost like my eyes don't know which direction to move. (the best example i can see from what you provided is the e and r combo in over) the lc 'o' also pushes me off the line i'm looking at. i'm doubting the characters are kerned but that may have something to do with the feeling of unsteadiness and random direction. i find my eyes wandering when the letters are far apart and close together. BUT, i feel a lot of energy and rigidity in what i am seeing. like my eye is kinda riding down a bumpy road and feeling all the irregularities. i think the uc A is a little small...width and height....i couldnt get the pdf to work real great for some reason. i'm sure it's just my outdated version of acrobat, but i really like the irregularity and imperfect forms in their own way. i'd say if you could bottle it and make it work as a uniform characteristic you have something interesting and a little off-center. i sorta feel in the current state it's so-so for readable type but alot of the problems are easily solved, i'm sure. take care


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I think the lowecase is quite ok, despite some details (the 'a', the exaggerated 'x', the bowl of 'g' is too big and the connection between the bowls is weak) that can be improved.

But looking at the other characters, I think you need to impose some consistency to your glyphs. Irregularity can certainly help legibility in text, but you need balance.

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Nice effort.

Being a user of the letters "

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i did some work

soma capitals

application/pdfsoma capitals
capitals.pdf (62.9 k)

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'Stable and symmetrical, with botH feet planted
firmly on the ground, the H has been predictable
in its design and use throughout much of its History.'
I tHink the H Horizontal bar is too HigH.

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