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Designing a new gothic font ispired by not medieval font motives, but architectural cathedral's motive.
Still WIP ofc, atm having great problems with T letter.
When I'm finished it's gonna be afree opensource font ;)
Meant as title font quite obviously, thought about posters.

zzz first post and in wrong forum. Can someone please move it to the proper section?

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Maybe it's just me, but I stumbled over /P/ reading the anagram. Longer bowl might help.

The descender on /W/ may actually be more helpful on /U/ to distinguish it from /V/ ... have you tried that?

The top right of /Z/ is rounder than necessary. Tried copying the top of the shape from, say, /E/?

Other than that, I love the concept. Could you draw out something like a 3D wireframe on which it's based? (like this from here)

May I be excited for l/c, too?

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Ts are among the trickiest black-letters ;-)

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@skosch: Thanks for feedback! I will definitely apply your advice on the u/v problem. The Z has the same curve as E, S or any other letter since the elements are copied.
As for the wireframe I didn't draw any. I based it on metrics and serifs:

Lower right descending corner of a stem is always horned, lower left is always cut. Obtuse angles of strokes are rounded (bottom part always, upper one only if it's an element such as in S or Z). Hope I explained it clearly enough.
As I said, it's gonna be free - so whatever you want to use it for, either personal or commercial project, you can without informing anyone or paying anything. You can use it for whatever you want for free as long as you don't claim to be the author or sell the font or modify and redistribute it without my consent.
I will finish Cathedrale this week I think (all capitalics, some diacritics and basic punctuation) and include the license in the package.

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The G, having little to distinguish it from C, could use a spur such as you have on the W.

I feel the center of W should be taller.

For a satisfactory T, you just might have to buck your rules and tolerate a horizontal line.

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Try to make U and V different from each other.

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Great typeface love the sharp points(horned corner)

With the U could'nt you reuse the N by flipping it upside down. You're D and O might have some problem I can tell them apart becuase of the counter, When you change the point size it might not be as noticeable. Also some people have trouble telling certain letters apart. I was thinking maybe you could change the N to be a capital N.

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