Ligatures not working on MAC OS X?

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I haven't had the opportunity to utilize ligatures recently, but I noticed that ever since I upgraded to Snow Leopard from Leopard, I have been unable to get certain ligatures to display, such as the 'ct' ligature.

Does anyone know what the problem might be and if there is a workaround solution?


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In what program? I'm not totally sure, but I don't think the interface displays ligatures ...

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MS Word.

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Is this in any fonts? Or a specific font? System font? Snow leopard handles system fonts slightly different now. Also is it the same version of MS word that you were using pre-snow leopard?

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AFAIK, MS Word still ignores the ligatures/OpenType features. Don’t know about newer versions, but MS Word 2008 ignores it insistently.

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It is the same version of Word that I was using pre-snow leopard: Word for Mac 2008 version 12.1.0.

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My understanding is that Word for Mac 2008 does support OpenType ligatures (assuming they have been turned on for your document), but only common ones like fi, fl, ffi and not st or ct.

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I can get the st ligature to work just fine, the ct ligature on the other hand just won't work...

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Which font?

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I tried:

Linux Libertine, Times New Roman, Centaur, to name a few.

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Well, neither Times New Roman nor Centaur have any discretionary ligatures as far as I know. Linux Libertine does have both ct and st, but you won’t get to use it with MS Office.

This is the type fad in all it’s glory: more ligatures, for less money.

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