Type design software

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Hi, I'm looking to get into type design as a student and was wondering what your recommendations on free (if any) or cheap font design software

Thanks in advance

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What operating system are you running. Fontforge is a free open source project that is viable. It is what I used until I was sure I was ready to spend the money on font studio pro.

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@ inkxel

What’s font studio pro? FontLab Studio?

@ smtrimble

You could download the trial version of FontLab TypeTool 3. The OT features can be build with the AFDKO (Adobe Devolopment Kit for OpenType). And if you like TypeTool, you can upgrade to FontLab Studio.

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I'm using vista, and soon windows 7

Fontforge looks good thanks for the tip

Will also have a look at typetool thanks

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@smtrimble don't forget giving Ubuntu Linux a try! :)

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