(x) Can you identify this font? / 'DJ Club Penguin' - modified NewSymbolFont5 by Brian Feldman {Mike Y}

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Hi there,I was hoping that you could identify this font for me. I've been through all the fonts on the 'Graffiti' section on many font websites,though I cannot seem to find this one. Thanks in advance.

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It seems to be by Brian Feldman, but maybe someone beefed up the strokes, or else Mr Feldman has a better version of the font now, but you can see the shapes of the letters match.

- Mike Yanega

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Hmm.. It doesn't surprise me that Skatey,the original user of this font,would do that. She's all about perfection in her graphics,and seeing as how some of the letters are skinny,and some are not,she'd definitely have made the strokes more defined. Anyways,I found the font name. Thank you for your help.

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