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Hello all,
I am writing a small research for my Typography course in college, on the subject of "Font Pairing", and I am looking for some website where I could find some HQ scans of magazine spreads or other editorial work I could use as examples.
I got a few nice scans from magazines and books, but right now I am thinking about using the net to broaden my field of research (and to save some money for printing the thesis :)

Can anyone suggest any flickr group / blog / archive where I could find some interesting pictures?
This is what I found so far - in case someone else might find them useful.


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Unless you show type at "lifelike" resolution, 100% size as, you are not showing it properly, especially text type.
Typography is all about the relationship of size and detail, as opposed to layout, which is more about shape and proportion

Generally speaking, scans don't have anywhere near enough resolution.
The standard practice for "HQ" is considered to be around 300 dpi Greyscale or "colorscale" (RGB Color/CMYK Color), for halftone reproduction in print, but that is nowhere enough resolution for text type, which operates under a different paradigm: high-contrast linear, not "scalar" (tonal).

A technique I have used is to scan the full page in colorscale mode, to show layout, and accompany it with a detail of type, if it is black type on white paper, as bitmapped image at 100% size as: http://www.shinntype.com/Writing/4theMass.pdf

I also like to see magazine spreads reproduced as "objets", i.e. photographed as an object, with vignetted dropshadow, rather than scanned flat -- so I know for sure where the trim is, and because they are things.

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@Chris: Thanks Chris, I don't know why, I was expecting to find only indipendent magazines and lowquality type on issuu but I glimpsed some interesting stuff.

@Nick: I see your point :) I will consider using both scans and real-sized reproduction of type.

Some almost decent-sized from Internazionale redesign by Mark Porter here:

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i like this one


see Francesco Franchi's photostream for more goodness

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also thought this was an excellent behind the scenes


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Thank you Mike, that's a precious link! :)

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