.notdef character in Word Menus

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I just tested a font in an old PC with Word.

The font works fine, but in the font menues (in word) the .notdef character is displayed a couple of times AFTER the fontname.

For instance it looks like this if I hade the bullet as notdef.

Myfont Regular ••••••••
Anyone knows why?

Thanks in advance.

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Does this happen with the one font only?

If I had such a question, I would open the font in FontLab, copy the outlines to the mask, delete the mask, delete the kerning and generate the font. (Or I would destroy the outline with an effect filter.) Then I would check, if the problem still is there. If yes, I would post the font file here. It is much easier to detect problems with a font, if you have the font. I don’t have Office installed, but for sure other member, maybe even the same version as you. And sometimes it is not necessary to have the same program installed, if you want to make out, where the problem is.

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Hi Goran,

Uncheck Greek in the Supported Unicode Ranges will do the trick. If there are no Greek glyphs of course…


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Arno, that is a truly bizarre set of suggestions.

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Yes, Arno. That was really bizarre...

Pieter. THANKS! :)

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Arno, that is a truly bizarre set of suggestions.

I am not sure, what you mean. Do you mean my description about that, what I would do? The reason is, that we cannot post original commercial fonts here. But if the glyphs are destroyed and if the kerning is removed, the font is unusable. Probably a misunderstanding.

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