Script in Neon?

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First of all, thanks in advance for any input you may have for me. I am new to Typhophile and I am having a bit of an internal struggle with the task in front of me!

I am working on some logo concepts for an outdoor nightclub. The major overriding condition is that it has to have a neon influence. That is not particularly taxing, however the client is quite convinced that the lettering should be in a script face. The face that my client prefers is Rapier.

Now this may not necessarily be a deal breaker either, but I find myself perplexed to find decent examples of this typeface used in any logos, let alone in neon. I look at this font and I think Pizza Hut. Not particularly modern. And the connectivity of the lettering does not seem to flow either. I have reduced the font down to a single stroke to help with legibility in the neon setting, but it just seems weak.

This logo will need to be used in a number of places. My biggest challenge though, is bringing this logo to life on a 10 foot wide arching entrance sign. Yikes!

I've included a couple of other rough examples for comparison. What are your thoughts? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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#3 is my favorite by far. Though the tittles on the 'i's seem a tad large. What kind of music do they play at the club?

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"What kind of music do they play at the club?"

Thanks for the response! The music varies depending upon the night, but can range anywhere from rock to country to dj/dance music. There is a food component there also. I agree with you as well on the the tittles being too large on No. 3. That is stock NeonStream with a slight bend.

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I'd go for the second one. :)

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