Font similar to Trajan but with lowercase - similar to LHF Classic Roman, TF Arrow {Mike Y, Nick Cooke}

Hi all. I am trying to identify this font which shares traits with Trajan. Uppercase letters such as the /N/ are obviously very similar, but this is a bit sharper. Lowercase letters have some distinct differences from other fonts typically paired with Trajan. Most notably the /a/ and /f/.

Any ideas here? All help is greatly appreciated.


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That is not Trajan. And Trajan never had lower case.

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I'm aware that it is not Trajan, thus the title "similar to Trajan".

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Maybe La Gioconda:

Also look at Perpetua and Weiss.

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As if TF Arrow wasn't bad enough in the first place, somebody has tweaked it to create this new 'design'.

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Thanks minimalista, but I those La Gioconda, Weiss and Perpetua were the first ones I turned to when trying to figure this out.

TF Arrow does seem to have a few similarities but not enough to make me think this is just a modification of it. Too many noticeable differences.

Hmmm. This is really bugging me.

Any other takers?

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I meant to say that La Gioconda, Weiss and Perpetua were where I started when I was trying to identify this font.

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It seems to resemble Letterhead's Classic Roman, by John Studden. The details are not exactly the same, but it seems closer than most of the other suggestions I have looked at.

Maybe a customized version of this?

- Mike Yanega

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Quite a mystery this one is.

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I designed Byington as Trajan column lettering with a lowercase. It was commissioned by Roxio Inc. for use in DVD menus. It doesn't have the subtlety of other Trajans as it was fine tuned for use on TV; sharp points and thin lines avoided to prevent interlace flicker.

I've seen an ad for Victoria's secret that paired a nice lowercase with Trajan caps. It was a promotion for a TV runway show or something around 2004.

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However, this is clearly not Byington, although it's nice to hear from you Ray.

I still think this is a customization. Lathen, do you have any other letters from this font?

- Mike Yanega

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I do. I've attached them here.

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You've already shown that.

I'm still convinced Arrow is the starting point.

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Credit should have gone here to Mike Y, not I, Florian.

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Argh, it has happened again! Sorry and thanks.

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