hinting on xgridfit/fontforge - help needed

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hinting on xgridfit/fontforge - help needed

Since something like one or two months ago i started to do my first approach on hinting, but i'm only using software-libre on typeface designing (like Fontforge instead on Fontlab, Inkscape instead of Illustrator, etc.)

The problem is Fontforge has no direct hinting support, and it needs an external help from a tool named xgridfit.

Do someone know how this work, and how can we efficiently work on it and Fontforge together? If it is, are there some useful and simple to follow documentation?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Me too.

I've found that reading MS' and Apple's tutorials on TrueType hinting are very helpful to understand what all the gibberish means … while the xgridfit documentation isn't very well structured, to say the least.

I now understand how it works, but I still haven't found a way to make the XML coding efficient.*
I have to admit I've given up and asked the guys at MS to send me a copy of VTT.

* to be frank, XML is the most time-consuming format I can imagine for this process. It shouldn't take too long to implement a visual frontend for the Fontforge GUI ...

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xgridfit is by no means required to do hinting in FontForge, it is designed as an xml-based higher level language replacement of the assembly-like TrueType instructions, and that is what it is all about. It works be generating a FontForge script that will do the actual instructions, apart from that it has no direct relation to FontForge.

FontForge has built-in support for Type1 hinting and TrueType instructions, and autohinting as well, check the documentation for more details, http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/realindex.html#Hints.