font files = zero bytes?

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I have been working on a project at work and threw it on my Dropbox to work on at home a bit... while the InDesign file is fine, all of the typeface files are zero bytes and don't work! Hmm... figured it was just a weird thing, so I tried it again, and also emailed the typeface to me (both zipped up, and by attaching each file singularly). And again... zero bytes.

I am at a loss - very strange problems. Any ideas?

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If you're using a Mac, this could be the resource fork issue (if Macs even still have that; I'm a PC user).

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hmm... i'll try some .sit files; the .zip doesn't work. I never thought the Internet counted as a non-Mac machine, so perhaps this is my problem! thx.

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On the other hand, if you're using a PC, what you are dealing with is Mac font files...

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no, exclusively on a Mac... so no cross-platform issues (well, unless counting the internet...)

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Try Dropstuff with ".sit.hqx".

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Dropbox might have fixed the resource fork problem with a new client -- see this poston the Dropbox forums.

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