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This a new font: a study of sans serif with no spurs, and with suggested calligraphy with in-taken forms to replace nib-pen thin strokes.

I also made an alternate a, w and g.

What do you think?

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looking good! like the tops of the rounded letters (P,R etc...)

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Careful with the name. For Americans polyester invokes the flamboyant ’70s.

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All of the "I am a typography newbie" disclaimers apply, but I think this is just awesome. It's sleek and clean but it also has its own character. I especially love the subtle stroke thinning where curves join stems, as in /r/n/h/p/ etc. The only thing that makes me feel a little iffy is the question mark; maybe a gradual contour instead of an abrupt bend would be nice?

Concerning the alternates, more options are good, but I find the two-storey /a/ much more attractive. I find the one-storey /ae/ to be a little problematic too. That said, I much prefer the one-storey /g/ over the two-storey.

Concerning the name, I can't say it invokes memories of said decade (as it was before I was born), but it still doesn't quite do it for me...

Anyway, great work! Can we expect to see multiple weights/italics in the future?

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Thanks for the comments-

Indeed that name was just a working title. I've already changed into Spurless. And this is still work in progress: those alternate characters are just studies at the moment, and question mark is also not finished yet.

And yes; this will have multiple weights with italics/obliques.

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