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I love this Phaeton featured font but I'm getting ascender chop-off in most uses on Typophile.

Am I the only one who keeps the font in the em?


kentlew's picture

No. It’s happening for me too, David.

bojev's picture

Not doing it for me on 23" Apple Cinema HD display at 1920 x 1200

Igor Freiberger's picture

Some ascenders have their top cut off. /G/C/S/ overshoot and /f/ ascender, for example. I don't see any relationship with monitor size or resolution. BTW, I'm also using a 1900x1200 resolution and some glyphs shows this problem.

whyawhelk's picture

Yes, same here.

Florian Hardwig's picture

That was not David’s question. You all need to work on your Berlowese.

kentlew's picture

Ha. You're right, Florian. I just re-read.

David, you only stick to the em because Jill balks when you extend beyond, remember? ;-)

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