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Font file types?

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Joined: 5 Nov 2001 - 11:00am
Font file types?


I was wondering if anyone could make things clearer for me concerning digital typeface production. I’m currently working on my first typeface (Typophile Forums: Critique: Sans Serif: Iris) The face still needs some work!

I began the type face on paper, scanning in the characters and then re-drawing them in illustrator. I then imported them into FontLab to begin creating the type face. Being entirely new to font design, I’ve spent a few days reading / working through the FontLab manual to try and get an understanding of how to use the application, and now my head hurts!

The main problem is the file type — Truetype, Type 1, font encoding, codepages etc — what’s the deal with these — which should I use and why? The manual has confused me a little so I thought I’d ask you boys. I currently work on a Mac, but want the type face to be ‘cross-platform’ so do I need to take this into account at any early stage during the design process?

Cheers for any advise that you can give me


Steve Graham's picture
Joined: 9 Nov 2001 - 11:18am

the best for a mac is a type one for mac. for pc use true type(for PC).
they (mac &pc) don’t usually have cross platform fonts. just generate
the different file type for the different OS’s.