(x) Didot/bodoni hybrid thing? - (similar to) ITC Didi {Florian}

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I need to id this typeface. Its definitely a didot type typeface with bidoni-ish ball terminals. I'ts not Didoni or Didona...

Anyone! Please help!

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Holy something or other, could you stop it flashing or warn people for flashing?

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Seizure Semibold, I believe...

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Sorry... I didn't design it! Just found it and NEED to find the typeface. I've found similar typefaces but didn't have that perfectly circular terminal, or it had different stems and such.

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Looks like a version of ITC Didi.

Femke, most browsers let you stop an animation via the context menu.

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Close enough... Thank you FH!

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looks like didi, but estrella is another alternative

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