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Patton Boggs logo typeface - condensed sans

Looking to re-create this logo but can't seem to find one that's correct. Kind of DIN-ish but the vertical strokes are weirdly fat compared to the horizontal strokes.

Can be seen here also: http://www.pattonboggs.com/


That distortion you noted might be due to making this wider (!) than normal. This might be one of the film titling gothics.

- Mike Yanega

Got this PDF off their site: LINK.
Open in Illustrator or other vector program.

Found it by doing a google search. Copy/paste this into the google search window:
site:http://www.pattonboggs.com/ filetype:pdf

Nice find, Special-K. I had done this before but instead found a dozen PDFs with a low-res JPG embedded. I'll update the thread if I can figure out what the heck it is.

Welp, closest I can see are Poster Sans / Steelfish. I think this was modified from the original because the curves on the B and G are really, uh, "off." Thanks again to everyone.