Glitch in Safari 5: can't insert image

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Just noticed that the option to inert an image doesn't work. Am on Safari 5. Any ideas?

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I believe the Insert Image feature here relies on Flash. Given all the well-publicized furor over Apple & Flash, I’m guessing that Safari 5 does not play well with Flash.

Not sure what it would take for the Punchcut folks to rewrite the image upload without Flash.

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This image was inserted using Safari 5 on a Mac Pro [

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Try setting Safari to Open in 32 bit mode in Get Info box - I have it set that way for my Hear software (audio improvement from Joesoft) since it will not run in 64 bit mode yet.

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Well, it appears that Safari 5 is a bit finicky about the type of image -- it kind of worked with a jpeg, although there was still an error message under the post-box… Tried it again with a screenshot converted to a jpeg and Safari crashed on me.

So no image in this post...

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Setting Safari 5 to 32-bits did nothing. This is how the comment box looks like:

Inserting worked... : )

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And that took a VERY long time, something like a minute or two, three…

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Bert my image was a jpeg - only mentioned 32 bit thing because thats the way my Safari is set

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Doesn't this thread belong here?

(maybe I will file a bug report about the non-findability of the bug report forum ;-)

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Moved. Thanks for the heads up.

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