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Hello everybody,

I finished a draft of capital letters for my first font, Xiphactinus.

It's intended as a display font for comic titles, specifically prehistoric or pirate themed ones (you know, The Land of the Lost Before Time That Time Forgot, with cavegirls and giant gorillas and stranded adventurers and such). It's inspired by several genre works, especially the works of William Stout. I included a few screencaps of those typefaces underneath mine.

The lower case will be just small caps. I did the name in FontCreator to show what I'm going for, although I haven't braved sidebearings and kerning yet.

Thanks for your help!

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Looks interesting so far.

I find that the tail of /U/, along with its narrow opening at the top, makes it look a bit like a Q.

I'd make the middle stroke of /W/ more pronounced.

Also, the lower right leg of the /X/ feel oddly smooth to me, compared to the relatively sharp, small, and high frequency notching seen in the other glyphs.

Anyway that's just my two cents, I'm new to this so all the standard disclaimers apply!

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Yes, lose the U tail. Draw more W's; there are a lot of possibilities.
The setting of the name shows that the letter "I" begs for a load of alternates: curved the other way, not so curved at all, dotted, maybe one with big crossbar serifs...

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Thanks all!

I did a revision last night and revised the /U/, /X/, and /W/. Also /F/.

The /I/ is being a real bastard, though. It had started out with serifs, but no matter what I did they either looked awful, or just didn't fit in with the rest, or looked like a /T/, which is how it ended up just being a dagger shape. Right now I just decreased its curve so it's less intrusive on other letters.

I whipped out an alternate W as well, which is in the bottom half of the screencap.


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The new U and alternate W are very welcome improvements! Why not post some of the /I/ variations up here?

Also, I would recommend drawing a slightly distinct lower case. If not unique shapes, at least adjust to match the stroke width of the capitals as opposed to simply scaling them down.

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